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Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Sector

Air compressors have been essential elements in the agricultural industries for decades and have contributed to developing new and efficient forms of agricultural maintenance, crop production, and transportation.

Several agricultural tools require compressed air for their operation, including:

  • Manual Tools: Spray paint guns, pneumatic staplers, and nail guns are all types of manual tools that operate on compressed air.
  • Tire Inflation: Crop Protection. Crops need protection from insects and pests in general, and the use of spraying accessories requires compressed air.
  • Dairy Machines: Milking robots can maximize efficiency and profits by using pneumatically controlled milking robots that operate on compressed air.

  • Material Transport: Pneumatic transport systems are common in the agricultural industry for conveying grains, powders, and other products to storage locations with minimal effort.
  • Wastewater Treatment: Some farms treat their wastewater on-site using low-pressure blowers to supply air for re-aerating their tanks. The aeration process helps aerobic bacteria produce enzymes that break down waste.
  • Production Area Cleaning: Compressed air-powered cleaning systems are highly efficient for pressure cleaning these areas and involve fewer consumables than general cleaning methods.
  • Winter Irrigation Lines: Air compressors are crucial for cleaning irrigation lines of excess water to prepare them for the winter months. This helps extend the lifespan of irrigation lines and reduces repair costs.

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