Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

In addition to being used for functions like vehicle maintenance, industrial fleets require a constant supply of compressed air to perform essential tasks and functions.

An air compressor stores the potential energy of pressurized air so that it can be used as a power source when needed. This form of energy is highly portable, making it ideal when other power sources, such as electricity, are unavailable or impractical. Below are several examples of applications in the automotive industry that rely on compressed air.


Transportation/trailering, earthmoving, drilling, tunneling, or material handling.

These vehicles rely on compressed air to provide the necessary power for their operations. Pneumatic asphalt compactors, jackhammers, cranes, and excavators are examples of construction vehicles that use compressed air.

Concrete, water, fire protection, and spray insulation pumps, as well as sandblasting equipment, are essential construction tools powered by compressed air. Additionally, mobile equipment that moves materials on-site is supported by a compressed air system.


Public transportation systems are responsible for guiding travelers quickly and safely through the city. Pneumatic brakes are considered one of the most critical components of a public transportation system's safety.

Compressed air brake systems are used to provide braking power to vehicles that are too large to be operated by hydraulic brake systems (e.g., buses). The typical air brake system consists of an engine-driven air compressor and a storage tank for compressed air. Outside of public transportation, air brakes are also used to stop trucks, trailers, and semitrailers.


Emergency vehicle fleets also rely on air compressors daily. Fire trucks, for example, depend on compressed air for their Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). A rotary air compressor is used to deliver the energy needed to propel the foam solution to required areas. Compressed air can also be used, along with water, to help generate foam.

Compressed air can also be found in most ambulances. Ambulances are often equipped with oxygen generators (also known as oxygen concentrators), which rely on air compressors to compress the surrounding air and deliver it to the patient in a controlled manner.

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Roadside emergency vehicle fleets must be equipped with the proper tools to address a variety of vehicle issues. Some of these tools include jacks, fuel containers, tire service tools, and jump-start equipment.

Portable air compressors provide these tools with the necessary power to operate. They are also used to inflate deflated tires and operate suspension systems. Additionally, air compressors can commonly be found in tire shops and service stations worldwide for tire maintenance.


As trenchless construction techniques continue to gain popularity, air-driven ground drilling tools become more common. Utility vehicles can benefit by carrying a portable air compressor unit to power these tools on demand.

Pneumatic drilling equipment, also known as moles or missiles, uses compressed air to repeatedly drive a piston against a chisel head assembly to produce a hammering action. This allows the mole to create horizontal bores used for installing underground utilities with minimal disruption to the surface of the road above.

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Compressed air also plays a fundamental role in assisting robots in automobile assembly.

Vacuum pumps and compressors for the automotive industry require high performance and durability.

Pneumatic seats, pneumatic suspension, and tire inflation are examples of specialized applications.


The automotive painting process is not straightforward, and poor application on a product or batch can be highly costly. However, with proper conditions, space, high-quality tools, and products, the risks of subpar application can be minimized, resulting in a high-quality finish.

Automotive paint booths, equipped with filtering systems and optional capability to function as drying ovens to expedite the process, are manufactured in various sizes to paint cars, trucks, or buses. The painting process demands high-quality finishes, making the air supply crucial.

If you want to learn more about our air compressors and how they can benefit your application, don't hesitate to contact us today.

At CYMAQ Compressors and Machinery S.A de C.V, we offer specific air solutions for the Automotive Industry.

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