Compressed Air and Nitrogen Leak Detection Studies

The international standard ISO 11011:2013 governs this study, which is essential to optimize the operation of compression systems, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and maintain a safe and sustainable working environment.

Up to 20% of your compressed air system's energy consumption could be lost due to air leaks.

The U.S. Department of Energy has calculated that approximately 25% of compressed air loss is due to leaks, and in many industrial facilities, this percentage could be even higher.

In this context, CYMAQ's initiative for compressed air and nitrogen leak detection emerges as an ingenious and effective solution, specifically designed to optimize established systems. The primary goal of this study is to eliminate air leaks, resulting in a prompt reduction in energy expenses.

It is crucial to emphasize that even by addressing a portion of the compressed air leaks, significant immediate savings can be achieved. This approach not only has a positive impact on energy efficiency but also brings several collateral benefits. On one hand, reducing air leaks contributes to prolonging equipment lifespan, translating into a long-term investment. On the other hand, by freeing up air capacity through leak correction, increased production and potential growth for the industrial plant become possible. Additionally, stabilizing the operational pressure of the system leads to more consistent and reliable operations.

Ultimately, CYMAQ's study for compressed air and nitrogen leak detection presents itself as a comprehensive tool to enhance efficiency and performance in existing installations, resulting in both cost reduction and resource optimization.

The combination of detection, repair, and the subsequent positive impact on multiple operational aspects makes it a valuable choice for companies seeking to maximize their long-term energy efficiency and productivity

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