CYMAQ ofrece soluciones a las industrias petroquímicas

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

The oil and gas industry requires compressed air solutions to carry out many specific applications.

Within the applications required by the petrochemical industries in oil and gas, compressed air is crucial for the following:


Compressed air, both for onshore and offshore drilling, involves specific and highly secure applications. Deep and shallow well drilling equipment is highly risky, and every detail in compressed air generation must be carefully considered.

Factors such as size, depth, and composition of the soil to be drilled are typically used to determine the required air pressure. It's important to consult with the right advisors to ensure the compressor you acquire is suitable according to your air demand, as having too much is costly, and having too little is risky.

Gas Compression

Gas compressor blocks are a fundamental component in any system. OEM equipment manufacturers, process gas package providers, and leasing companies rely on engineered solutions integrated into their drilling equipment and package offerings.

Gas compressor blocks handle large volumes of sweet or sour natural gases, helium, ammonia, biogas, and more. Applications include vapor recovery, landfill gas, gas boosting, and wellhead reinforcement.

Pipeline and Processes

Pipeline and Process Services (PPS) are a highly specialized sector within the oil and gas market, with companies needing the assurance of the compression element and several thousand proven field hours to ensure their project aligns with the plan.

PPS deployments may consist of many complex components, in which service companies must rely on to operate in harsh, hot, and relentless environments. Therefore, having products that guarantee reliability is crucial.

Well Testing

Well testing involves demanding tests in tight platform spaces and confined spaces. This requires a specific compressor solution to provide high-performance air for a critical application.

Structural Maintenance

To ensure continuous operation and protect vulnerable equipment, scheduled maintenance is essential. Some petrochemical, oil, and gas companies require equipment in DNV containers or shock-proof frames to help safeguard equipment operating in the harsh environments of the oil and gas industry.

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