Industrial Blowers

Industrial Blowers

Industrial blowers for quiet and powerful operation in low pressure and vacuum applications

We offer three types of blowers designed to meet a wide range of application needs:

  • Rotary lobe blowers with our efficient tri-lobe OMEGA rotors to minimize pulsation effects
  • Rotary screw blowers with the energy-saving SIGMA profile – designed by KAESER for optimum pressure and output
  • Turbo blowers with high-speed, permanent magnet motors featuring wear-proof, magnetic bearings.

Kaeser blowers are easy to maintain and deliver pressurized oil-free air quietly and efficiently for a wide range of applications:

  • Aeration for wastewater and other applications
  • Aquaculture
  • Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials
  • Vacuum hold-down
  • Air knives and other blowing and cooling purposes
  • Mobile applications such as mixing, tanker, and suction vehicles
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