Compressed Air Aluminum Piping

Aluminum Piping: SmartPipe+ Compressed Air Distribution System

SmartPipe+™ by Kaeser is a modular aluminum piping system for compressed air distribution that offers long-term low operating and installation costs. From small commercial spaces to large industrial systems, our SmartPipe+ product is ideal for all installations. It is available in sizes up to 8” in diameter.

Optimal Flow and Excellent Air Quality

SmartPipe+ is constructed from smooth calibrated aluminum, with a friction coefficient that provides the best possible laminar flow. Full-bore couplings also minimize pressure drop to optimize flow and energy efficiency. Leak-proof connectors prevent air losses and energy waste.

The SmartPipe+ line is perfect for installations that require the highest air quality. The aluminum material it is made from does not rust or corrode. Additionally, thanks to its smooth internal surface uniformity, contaminants do not accumulate, restricting airflow. The full-bore design allows condensate to flow efficiently to dryers and filters for effective removal. 

Tubería de Aire Comprimido Kaeser SmartPipe+

Wide Range of SmartPipe+ Line Supply: 

Tubería de Aire Comprimido Kaeser SmartPipe+

Kaeser SmartPipe+ Compressed Air Piping Stored piping, compressed air pipes

SmartPipe+ is available in eight sizes from 20 mm to 200 mm and is perfect for use as a main line, branch lines, or secondary lines and drops to consumption points. The SmartPipe+ line comes with all the necessary accessories for perfect installation:

  • Straight unions. 
  • Elbows and T unions. 
  • Cross connectors. 
  • Reducer couplings. 
  • Swan-neck connections. 
  • Ball valves. 
  • Supports and quick assembly connections. 
  • Clamps. 
  • Flexible and expansion hoses. 
  • Set of safety couplings according to ISO 4414/EN983 standards.
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