Over the course of more than 25 years, CYMAQ has forged a strategic alliance that has created unparalleled competitive advantages. Since CYMAQ joined forces with KAESER COMPRESORES DE MÉXICO, it has established itself as the largest authorized distributor in the northern region of the Mexican Republic, becoming a reference point in its trajectory.

This transformative collaboration has empowered CYMAQ to strengthen its position in the local market by partnering with a renowned international company. Through this partnership, CYMAQ has successfully solidified its presence in its operating territory, making a significant impact on the compressed air sector.

The combination of a robust infrastructure, a strategic location, and a dedicated team of highly committed collaborators has positioned CYMAQ at the pinnacle as the primary distributor of KAESER MÉXICO in the northern region of the country. This achievement has not only elevated CYMAQ's standing but has also greatly contributed to the consolidation and expansion of the KAESER brand in the market, offering high-quality German-made products.

In this exciting joint journey, we envision a future filled with promising opportunities. Our determination to consolidate the market continues to grow, allowing us to stay abreast of an increasingly competitive business environment. Together, we are advancing forward with the firm belief that our mutual commitment will lead us to even greater heights in the industry, constantly redefining standards and anticipating market needs.

We firmly believe that developing strong strategic partnerships strengthens us and propels us toward success. We are committed to building lasting relationships that benefit our customers and enable us to remain industry leaders in the compressed air sector.

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